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Als ik dan verlies

Betekent dat dat jij wint?

Wie krijgt de hoofdprijs?



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Marianne is back. Of  course.

She just can’t stay away. Almost two months since her last visit.

She must have missed us.

Marianne is back, once more, with her boyfriend.

Christian could be her son.

Her chubby, chuckly son.

But they stroll hand in hand, and it gives them away.

They’re in love.


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Ralf wants to see the stars.

He wants to see them shoot. Fall.

He’s off to the garden. With a towel and a pillow.

And with a sigh he laments Lorenz’s cruel fate.

‘Poor Lorenz. Ended up on a grill’.

Tomorrow he’ll ascend to watch the show in its full glory,

but tonight he wants to enjoy a sneak preview. An appetizer.

Cheers, Ralf!

Vrijdag 12

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Telkens als ik het werk van Marlene Dumas zie

heb ik zin om zo snel mogelijk weer te gaan schilderen

mamma roma marlene dumas

zaterdag 26

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performing at a recital with an aria for soprano solo

was not on my to do list

but I added it


and now I can tick it off

and have an extra empty space

zaterdag 26

vrijdag 26

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it’s proving to be a very crocsy summer

crocs cyprus

crocs sexyflip

martes 1 – martes 30

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tiempo 2013 2